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Side by Side

We're in the city this week catching up on computer work before heading back up to the village for three weeks or so. In my efforts to share a little more about everyday life, I thought I would share this picture of Paul and our Akha friend working side by side on their computers. Paul has been teaching this young man how to edit video off and on for several months now, but because the video editing program is in English, he's still not completely confident with it. So, he's set up camp in Paul's office this week (Thank goodness we purchased a new larger desk a couple weeks back!) and can ask Paul questions if he get's stuck. This is one of the best things about living here... the spontaneity of life! We had no idea that we would get to spend so much time with this young man this week, but he had time and we had time, so here we are. We're so excited about this young man and the powerful work he is doing as he reaches out to his Akha brothers and sisters in Laos. We are honored to be even a tiny part of what he and his co-workers are doing! Join us in prayer for them and the nation of Laos!

How to Read the Web

I love Google Reader. It is the best way to get the newest news and information from all the sites you like without having to travel from site to site. The great thing about Google Reader is that it allows access from any computer in the world. Google really is keeping the world's attention, but it's hard to complain when their products are so good.

Here's the simple version of how to use Google Reader:

1. Set up a Google mail account by going here.
2. Go to your favorite website and look for a (usually orange) box that says RSS or rss or search the site for "RSS feed"
3. Once you click on a feed you will stumble upon a variety of pages which will either look like code or a website depending on your browser and the feed provider. Nothing here matters except for the Web Address in the Address Bar (http://somthinghere...). Highlight the address and copy it. Or you can just copy this link : : to subscribe to all the news from The Vernon Journal.
4. Now go to your Google Reader page here.
5. In the left-hand side of the page there is a light-green box that says Add Subscription - Click it!
6. Paste the link you copied into the Add Subscription box and then click Add!
7. You did it! You have now subscribed to a website and whenever new articles, news, or even comics are available you can read them all on one page!

This allows you access to an incredible amount of information to be read at your leisure, allowing you to read only the articles that are interesting to you in a way that is much faster than wading through the web. Here's my recent reading activity:

From your 88 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 3,393 items, starred 23 items, and shared 43 items.

There are, of course, even more neat tips and tricks for you to enjoy within Google Reader, especially as your collection of websites (feeds) grows, but I will save those for another time. For now, enjoy reading the web!


Need a Printer?

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch, but it seems there is such thing as a free printer, and a pretty good one at that. I don't usually put these kind of things on our site, but as I was reading through my SlickDeals feed today I came across a pretty good offer. Unfortunately, you have to redeem the offer in-store, so it is no good to us - hopefully it will be good for some of you!

Lexmark All In One PrinterAs of now (1:00 AM Eastern Time) you can get an All-In-One (Printer / Scanner / Copier) Lexmark X2480 printer for free after $90 mail-in rebate. If you are interested you need to hurry, because $50 of that rebate expires on my birthday! You can find the deal at many Circuit City stores, but you should check Circuit City Online for availability!

Hope this helps someone.


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