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Abigail - Photo Sets and a Tumblelog

Follow Me on Tumblr!Abi has been sick for a couple of weeks, going from a head cold to severe vomiting to a mild fever. Those of you who follow us on Facebook (see the links on the right of this page) have heard these updates, but I know many of you only follow us on this blog and wanted to fill you in here as well. She's on the mend today and we are planning on going up to the village this afternoon if she's doing well after her nap. The silver lining in the last few weeks has been a really nice time as a family. A two-year old can sometimes be a handful, but it's so fun to watch her personality, vocabulary and comprehension of the world around her as it expands daily.

Abi is very active, but very sweet. Right now, she really loves to be doing whatever her mom is doing. Last night, Abi was beginning to feel better and decided she wanted to help Lori make a dinner - a very American "Breakfast for Dinner" actually.

Here are some images from their time together:

Abi happily cookingMother and Daughter, Side by SideBusy, Busy, Two Year Old!She's so content when she's with her mommyTaking a break from cooking to sample the foodPretty Little Cook

Later that evening (when mom decided she needed the whole kitchen to herself if she was actually going to get dinner made) Abi and I went out to look at the sunset... and to take more pictures of Abi.

Look at the sunset, Daddy!Messy face from cooking, but still pretty enough for a photoshootMaybe my favorite of her recent pictures.You've got a little something on your face.You're so silly, Daddy!Super pretty girl.Monochromatic sunset

Those of you who are looking for even more Abigail than you can find here on the Vernon Journal, take a look at our scrapbook postings of pictures, unedited videos, and other tidbits at Abi's Tumblr: Our Abi Hope. RYZ7Z3B2UT6U

Flowers of Northern Thailand

We have been spending some wonderful time with Jan and Gary as they have come out to visit. Because the Akha New Rice Festival season is around the corner we have been doing the tourist things this week and will spend all of next week going to festivals in villages.

You may have noticed our previous post where we complained about problems we had been having with our camera. Well, our friends, partners and former neighbors - the Scheyers - gave us a beautiful new (to us) digital camera and we've been having so much fun with it. Thanks Hal!

We've especially enjoyed the scenery as we've travelled around Northern Thailand. We miss the snow and the winters in America, but you just don't get flowers like this in October over there!

We hope you enjoy these images of some of the spectacular flowers in Thailand.

Lychee BlossomsLychee BlossomsLittle Yellow BlossomChaeng Saen, Thailand flowersBeautiful Thailand flowerPurple Thailand Blossom

An Akha Village at Dusk

Lately I've been on a photo kick; something in me is just yearning to be creative! So, despite our less than cooperative camera, I've been snapping pictures more often than usual.

A couple weeks ago, everything in the village just seemed especially beautiful, so I set out to capture all the little things that I love about the village.

SugarcaneDirt and bamboo stairs in Akha villagePlant in Akha villageView across the valley over the Akha rooftops

Of course, it's just not an Akha village without multitudes of children about! And since I'm trying to show you the "all little things I love about the village", it seems appropriate to introduce you to a few of the munchkins in our village. The first picture is baby Ma-li who was born last December; hasn't she grown?! Next is sweet little A-nm carrying her babydoll strapped to her back, Akha style. Next is A-paw, A-ga and Sopida climbing a tree like the three little monkeys they are! Finally, a herd of toddlers chasing a grasshopper.

Smiling Akha BabyAkha girl carrying her doll Akha styleThree Akha girls climbing a treeAkha toddlers chasing a grasshopper

Northern Thailand Countryside

I count myself lucky to live in such a green country! I'm constantly amazed by the beauty all around us! This month we've seen quite a bit of countryside as we've travelled around the North to Chiang Mai, Fang, Thaton and of course Mae Salong. Right now the ricefields are especially breathtaking; they cover the all valleys with a patchwork of fresh green growth!


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