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A Day at the Races

Paul losing his DirtbikeLori honed her motorcycle skills. Paul, on the other hand, got his introduction to the wild world of dirtbikes. And let me say - it is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like riding a bike. On Paul's first attempt (after several hundred kickstarts) the dirtbike went for a merry little ride without him. Eventually, however, he got the idea of what he was supposed to be doing. Now he'll really be thrown into the fire - riding scooters around Chiang Rai on the Left side of the street.

Lori and her DirtbikeAll in all we had a great day with Gary and Jan and got a little bit of our nervous energy out. Yes, we are nervous. More and more so as Tuesday approaches.

Well, we're off to begin the packing process. Please remember us in your prayers as we go through one more round of tough decisions.

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