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In Memoriam: Abaw Tsa, the first Akha Christian in Thailand, 1933-2010

On Monday, the husband of the couple who were the first Akha to accept Christ in Thailand passed away, he was 77 years old. Abaw Tsa made a bold decision many years ago which paved the way for the Akha church to grow to the place it is today.

Please take the time to read this wonderful article by Rusty and Lynette, who work with Abaw Tsa's son Luka, recounting Abaw Tsa's last days and celebrating his life: A Life Well Lived

Here's an excerpt from their post:

Apee Pae (Luka's mother) sang songs in Akha while weeping...she was going to say good-bye to her best friend...her husband of 58 years. They married when she was 16, he was 19. Two Akha orphans, migrating from Burma to Thailand--and the first Akha christians in Thailand. Abo Tsa was an amazing hunter. A small humble man who could chase down a jungle pig and kill on his own two feet.


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