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Traditional Akha Vocals :: presented by Akha Outreach Media

We have been asked numerous times about traditional Akha music and singing. As we cannot even begin to imitate this beautiful musical style we haven't been able to fully communicate what it is like. However, for the AOF 10th Year of Ministry celebration we cut a recording of one of our Akha pastor's wives singing her version of John 3:16 in the traditional Akha style. We hope you enjoy it!

Traditional Akha rendition of John 3:16 Recorded for Akha Outreach Foundation's "Great is Thy Faithfulness 10-Year Jubilee" by the Akha Outreach Media team

[audio:|titles=Akha Traditional rendition of John 3:16]

©2010 Akha Outreach Media :: Used By Permission

Beans and Bath Paints

As Abi is getting older, it seems I'm always on the lookout for new activities for her. She's such an active little girl and really needs alot of stimulation to be happy. I recently started following this blog in which one mom shares about homeschooling her toddler (Tot School). I'm really excited to try out some of their intentional play ideas and will keep you posted as I am able to get going on these. But for the time being we'll have to be content with the few games I've run across that require little or no planning... like this bean game. A few months ago, Abi was bored out of her mind and I happened to have a couple bags of black beans (that were several years old!) and thus was created the bean game. This is by far Abi's favorite activity. She absolutely loves dumping the beans from one container to the other, or spooning them back and forth!

Another favorite game recently has been bath paints. I ran across this blog and I realized that we had all the ingredients in the house. So I whipped up a quick batch of bath paints and into the tub she went! She loved it! So this one has definitely gone onto the rainy day list.

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Watercolors by A.Rosa

I wanted to take a quick moment to plug my favorite watercolor artist (who just happens to be my sister-in-law, Aimee.)

Cosmo by A.Rosa

Her works have recently been posted on, which provides emerging artists with the opportunity to sell "fine art reproductions" of their original works.

Of course, I've seen Aimee's paintings before and have always loved them. But when I saw all of her works posted together, I was amazed at her talent and said to myself "I didn't know watercolor could be so enchanting!" I guess I've always secretly thought of watercolor as "watered-down" art. (Listen carefully, to hear the collective groan of art lovers everywhere at my admitted ignorance!) However, these pieces are so bold and beautiful, and posses a unique elegance... much like the woman who painted them.

As I mentioned earlier, you can purchase Aimee's prints from for very reasonable prices, so check it out! Also, for those of you in the Great Northwest, you can view and purchase both originals and prints at the Bend Summer Festival and the Bend Fall Festival.

Keep up the good work Aimee! I predict that in no time at all we'll be saying, "I knew her when..."

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