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Sweet Home Maesalong

Maesalong Akha

We are back in Thailand, ready to continue in our tenth year of full time ministry after an incredible season of travel, connection and direction as we spent the last 5 months in 26 of the 50 United States of America. Coming back here reminds us how much distance causes disconnection, and we are busy reestablishing ties with our Akha friends. However, that distance and disconnection is also the reason we are so intentional about our travel and seeing so many of you when we do have the opportunity to return. For those of you we saw, thank you for connecting with us, your love and support is felt and appreciated. For those we missed, we are truly sorry and hope to connect again in four years or so... Or there is always the chance to connect with us here in Thailand!

In the week since we returned, we have reconnected with our coworkers at Akha Outreach, our home church in the city (where we were asked to preach - surprise!) and our village family in Doi Maesalong. Amazing things have been happening everywhere, but especially in Maesalong, where their project to build a new church is really moving along. The pastor, who had been living in our home for the past two years, has moved into the parsonage on the bottom floor of the new church building. This means we get to "take ownership" of our village home again and Lori has grand plans to spend extra time with Izi and Jak in the village over the next year exposing them to more Akha language and culture while Paul continues to work at the foundation and produce Gospel media in the Akha language.

To prepare for our arrival, the village gave our home an overhaul: redesign and repair - and we are so thrilled with what we returned to! It is a blank slate and we are already dreaming of what our "Akha Hut v.3.0" will become. We made a little video for you to enjoy a tour of our new place:

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