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Five Days, the Boys, and a Wedding

band-shot-san-diegoSome of you have seen my fb updates over the last month and have therefore heard most of this story, but if you hadn't heard:  I was in Southern California for the last week of 2009. A good friend of mine and his new bride flew me in and out of America to celebrate their wedding with them. It was a whirlwind of a trip filled with airplanes, car rides and jetlag. I spent as much time traveling to, from and around Southern California as I was actually at the wedding - but it was a wonderful time.

It was really special for me because I got to spend a lot of time with some of my closest friends. Including the groom, eight of the guys from our college days came. Unfortunately, none of the wives or kids were able to make it - but that actually made for a great time. And probably the last time that all of us guys would be together just as all of us guys.

weddingAfter the wedding we headed out into San Diego to see the aircraft carrier, mess around with photography, pay for parking without actually doing anything where we parked, and close down a microbrewery that had completely run out of it's house-brewed root beer.

It was a great time with great friends, and although I probably would never choose to make another quick round-trip like that again, I wouldn't trade the memories of those few days for anything in the world.

Thanks guys, it was a blast.



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