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Celebrating the Past, Anticipating the Future

Abi Counting Down Until the New Year and Daddy Comes HomeAs a new year approaches, we all begin our countdowns as we reminisce over the past year and look forward to the newness of a year to come. Abigail and Lori began that countdown very early this year, as I have spent the last week of 2009 in America. I have spent this week in Southern California, as a good friend of mine flew me in to join in his wedding celebration. It has been a whirlwind trip - in total I will spend 71 hours on airplanes and in transit, while only being on American soil for 120 hours. Despite the crazy schedule & quickness of the trip, I really enjoyed seeing friends that I have not seen for two years, and I have come to realize something...

I miss you. All of you. My friends & family in America. You are very important to me, and my relationship with you is a priceless gift.

After living with the Akha for the past five years, it has become easier and easier to stay in Thailand as our friendships, relationships and ministry have grown - but our relational need for you hasn't lessened at all in that time.

Sure, we don't talk very often anymore, or get to see your kids grow up, or visit you in the hospital, or spend holidays or weekdays together - except in the quasi-communities of the internet. But, we are still connected with you, and carry these relationships with us as we live with our friends and village in the present.

We have our feet in two worlds, the one we are called to serve in and have grown to love - and the world that was shaped by you. That prepared us for the future.

Thank you for being part of our multi-cultural, multi-lingual world. We carry you in our hearts as we look forward to 2010, and anticipate the times we will have together again as we are able to visit America in the future - tentatively from April through July of 2011.

Happy New Year!

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