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Two Minutes for a Two Year Old

We celebrated Abi's second birthday last month with a great crowd of people. Aje and Nancy hosted the party, the Chanda family was in from Kazakhstan with their three girls, and our missions supervisor Kelly was in from Bangkok with fellow missionary, Chris. For Abi, new friends and people from all over the world is normal life. She's a real sweetie at 2 years old. Sure, she's learning how to throw a temper tantrum as she learns that she doesn't always get her way, but she's a sweet little girl who loves to play and loves her friends, especially Mali and Apaw. She can say her "ABC's" and can count to ten in three languages - English, Akha and Thai! We'll try to get some videos up for all of you family & friends who might be interested to let you see our growing little girl, but for now here's a two minute clip of Abi's birthday - and the beautiful Elmo birthday cake that Lori made for her.

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