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Not Swine Flu

Over at Akha Outreach Foundation's children's home "House of Joy" everyone is battling the flu, not Swine Flu or H1N1, but a pretty nasty bug by its own account.flu Over 80 of the 150 people on site have gotten a flu that keeps them in bed for four days. You can read all the info over at Dan's site, The Edge.(While you are there, subscribe to his rss feed in your feed reader to keep up with all the news from the children's home). We are off to the village today with Erick Olsen who is visiting us on his way back to America. We are armed with boxes of medicine to restock our Akha clinic for the onslaught of flu cases we expect to see up there as well.

Despite all our running around during the last two months, we are all in great health but covet your prayers of protection from the flu and for continued recovery from the jetlag that we're still dealing with from Germany.

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