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Kissing Cousins

Abi and her cousin Sem couldn't be more different. She is energetic, outgoing and a talker. He is mellow, easygoing, and pretty quiet. Abi is determined to do everything Sem does, and play with everything he plays with. Sem is determined to get away from Abi. After a few days, they have gotten a little more used to each other - and we have learned that sometimes we have to take Abi (by herself) to the local park so Sem can play quietly by himself for a while.

Sem is really sweet, and a great eater. Abi is learning from him to enjoy her food a little more, while Sem is learning from her that interaction with other kids has its place.

We have some pictures of their first few days together, playing together with Sem's Opa Gerhard at Jeremy's baseball game. Abi and Sem enjoying a Strawberry Cheesecake (look at the ecstasy on his face!), and some cute ones of the two of them in their Sunday best.

Playing with Opa Gerhard at the baseball game.Abi is wondering whether she wants any more Strawberry cakeSem is in heaven when he is eating food.Sem is not liking having Abi this close.Which one of you is enjoying this?Kissing Cousins. Isn't that hat adorable?

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