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On the Road to Elephant Mountain...

A couple of weeks back we had the opportunity to accompany a missions team from Singapore to the Akha village of Doi Chang (Elephant Mountain) to attend the Christmas celebration there. We had a great time and even enjoyed the cold cold weather (temperatures in the 40s), but the trip was not without adventure! On the way to the village, after driving for about an hour up the dirt road, we heard a loud "clunk". A rod used to brace the frame had jiggled loose and simply fell off. Our poor truck, it has a hard life, driving on such rough village roads all the time! Luckily we were able to locate a couple of tools and Paul with his "MacGyver-like" skills was able to re-attach it. We finally made it to the village and finished the rest of the trip without incident. Needless to say, we got the truck into the mechanic as soon as we got back to the city. Luckily, he re-attached the the rod (with all the proper tools) for free! Here are a few pictures from our Singaporean friends! Thanks guys!

Truck driving through waterDriving up the mountain roadsThe broken partPaul underneath the truckThe men talking about a solutionPaul & Lori working on the truck togetherLori helping to fix the truckTalking by the truckElephant MountainPaul & friends eating dinnerPaul translatingPaul and Abi

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