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Cows and Guava

Abi watching the cows go by

When we are in the city (as opposed to the Akha village) we live in a house in a little Thai neighborhood. The neighborhood has quite a few vacant lots (due to the Market Crash of '97) and so a herd of cows regularly saunters by to munch on the vegetation in the lot across from our house. In America, we just don't get much exposure to farm animals, so it's still a bit odd to see them roaming about.

Pretty guava on our tree

Another fun part about our "city home" are the numerous fruit trees that we have in our yard. (However, I have to confess that we are fairly ignorant about most agricultural matters and it actually took us about two years and several scoldings from our Akha friends to finally become aware of all the fruit bearing trees in our yard!) We have a green mango tree, a guava tree, several tamarind trees and banana trees. Right now is guava season. Abi has learned that yummy fruit comes from that tree and so she reminds us to check for ripe fruit daily by wildly pointing to the tree and saying "mam mam" (which means "food" or "eat")!

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