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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

CMCC 2008 Missions Team

We have had (and will have) visitors and teams from all over the world in these months from July to September.We've had doctors from Singapore and Germany who offered their expertise in free Akha village clinics. We've had an old Colorado friend who now lives in Scotland come through for a few days. We are about to have a number of dentists from America come out to do volunteer dental care for the Akha. And we had a missions team of international students living in Chiang Mai, Thailand who attend the CMCC youth group come spend a week with us in Mae Salong on a work project building stairs in the common path areas of the village.

Although all of these visitors deserve their own posts, notes, pictures and videos - the group that spent the most time in our village was the CMCC team - so we put together a video of their project to share with them and with the village. Take a look here...

(there's also a short moment of Abi in all her village glory ...dirty, dirty, dirty! and loving it)

Here's the clip:

In case you are wondering. All these videos are finally getting completed because I am in the city helping teach a young Akha man who is reaching out to his fellow Akha in Laos how to edit videos. He is editing videos of Laos trips on his desktop while I edit videos right next to him on our computer. It's a strange time for the Akha world... Grass roofs, dirt floors and nicely edited home videos on the television. Pray for he and his coworkers in their wonderful work.

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