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Abi: 6-8 Months

Abi just turned 11 months old, so I figured it was about time that I finally post her 6-8 month photos that have been sitting on my desktop awaiting a blog of their own. Also, since this blog is really our digital equivilent to a baby book, I thought I'd share a few milestones and interesting tid bits about Abi's life during those months:

Favorite toy: Other than big people toys (cell phone, laptop, mouse, remote, etc.) which she's not really allowed to play with, she loves the foam letters in the ABC puzzle mat, and also she loves these squirter ball toys that we got in four packs from the dollar store! Her first two teeth showed up when she was: 6 months & 10 days old Her biggest fear: the blender! Biggest hurdle in life: huge gag reflex... even just a pacifier can make her vomit! First foods: Rice cereal, mashed pumpkin and tomatoes and cucumbers in a mesh feeder. Nicknames: Boo, Tomato head, Frog Face, sweetie, sweetheart, sweet thing (or any other variation on sweet-something that happens to come to mind!)Of course, her Akha name is Yeh-mi, but all of our Akha friends have different nicknames for her too, including Bu-Tsa (pretty girl) and Bu-ga (Loved Girl) or just A-mi (Girl). She crawled for the first time when she was: 7 months & 13 days old Teeth #3 & #4 popped through when she was: 8 months & 10 days old
Abi playing with a remote controlAbi chewing on a green beanAbi eating frozen pumpkin cubesAbi exploring the grassAbi Smiling!Abi playing in the waterAbi chewing on Paul's earLori and AbiAbi cryingAbi with sudsAbi chewing on a toyA snuggle moment with dad

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