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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

Where have we been?

Well, we've been all around, actually, but the times that we have not been teaching at the Bible college, receiving training in community development, assisting our director as he prepares for a teaching series in Singapore or showing Tiffany and Tamara around Northern Thailand (we had a great time girls! - hope you enjoy Bangkok) we have been in the village.

It turns out that although we do have a new home (video tour in a few weeks) we do not have the ability to get DSL internet, thus destroying our great ideas for video calls, blog posts, study and work from the village. There is a satellite option, but it is rather expensive and we aren't quite ready to make that commitment yet. So, for the time being, we will do our best to get posts up as often as possible - but the will likely come in chunks like you are seeing right now.

We are off to the village again this weekend and will be there for the next two weeks. Please pray for us as we will be beginning our forays into new villages as we begin the Mae Salong Project!

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