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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

It Takes a Village...

This is more than just a cliche or ad campaign! Abi is constantly being passed around to her adoring Akha family! ...And she loves it, what a people person she is! (She must take after her mother!) Here is a little glimpse into Abi's life in the village.

Abi taking a nap on Lori's backAbi and EstherPlaying in the dirt with Aunt Bu-CeuAbi and her Akha GrandmaSour face from eating lychees!We're never lacking for babysittersA-baw (grandpa) taking a break to play with AbiDaddy and Abi having fun!What a dirty baby, zonked out for her afternoon nap!How adorable is that little foot?!Eating dinner in my village chair!Time for my evening bath!

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