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A Visa Story (Or, How My Baby Travelled to Burma Without Me)

So we have another Visa story to add to our long list of Visa stories. Apparently, we should not have left the country with the Baby until after our Visas renewed. When we returned to Thailand she was given a 30-day visitors visa. That means she had to leave the country after 30 days.

We, however, are in that wonderful month in-between the old visa and the new visa where we cannot leave the country. Therein our dilemma lay.

After speaking with the Military Police in Maesai, they told us that we had to give Abi to a Thai person, have the Thai person take her over the border to Myanmar (Burma) to get a stamp there, and then return her to Thailand.


Fortunately, we have Esther. So off our little 6-month old went into Myanmar with her 18-year old Akha sister.

It was a long 15 minutes for Mom and Dad, but soon that little round head popped out of the crowd of border passengers and made her way through the checkpoint. She was a trooper and didn't give Esther any problems at all.

So our little Abi is a world traveler - she's been to Taipei, America and Thailand and now to Myanmar without her parents. And she'll have to do it again in 23 days. What a crazy life we live.

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