Throw My Hat in the Ring

There are many things that would be better to write about.

The great time in America with family and friends.
Fellowshipping in churches - in English.
The contacts we've made and the vision for our future.

However, it is t-minus-3 hours to kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday. So, instead of writing about something serious I'm going to make my prediction for the Patriots - Giants game.

Admittedly, this prediction will be a reflection of my intense dislike for all Boston sports (nothing personal, Beantown, but when you grow up a New York Yankees fan, you have no choice but to dislike Red Sox nation and anything remotely connected to it - and now that they slaughtered my hometown Colorado rockies in the World Series they are even darker on my blacklist).

I have to admit that this Patriots team is the best team I have ever seen, but the Giants are a legitimate squad who are playing very well. And, since I can't root for the Patriots, I can't pick them to win either, so here it is:


Giants 31
Patriots 27


Enjoy the game everyone.

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