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Getting Started Again

Have you ever gotten further and further behind on a task that the very idea of tackling it made you sick to your stomach? That's where we have been in regards to our online and email updates over the past six months or so.

Whether you have noticed or not, our communication level has been on a steady decline. Lori's personal blog hasn't been updated since halfway through the pregnancy. This blog, Journey Notes, has not been updated nearly as often since Abi was born. Abi's blog has not been updated since we left for America in December, and we haven't written any updates about anything since we returned to Thailand earlier this month.

So, rather than trying to back up and catch up on everything we have missed, we are just going to get started again. Looking ahead is much less overwhelming than trying to catch up on what's already behind.


So here is our update:

Today we are going to Maesai to apply for our new Visa. Yep, it's that time of year again. Just when all the drama of the process should be behind us we have a baby, so pray with us that everything goes smoothly and quickly.

Next Monday we present our vision for THE MAESALONG PROJECT to the Akha Outreach Services board. We have had significant changes in our plans as the family that was going to join us has now decided to remain in Bangkok for this upcoming year. While disappointing, we are still confident in this vision to help serve the Spiritual, Physical and Educational needs of the 30,000 Akha in our target region. We will be reevaluating our goals, timetable and approach to this project over the next month and will continue to keep you updated.

2008 Akha Bible Institute Graduation. On March 8th ABI will be celebrating its graduation and will also be graduating a large number of pastors from throughout northern Thailand from the monthly pastors training school. This will probably be the largest event we have seen at Akha Outreach Foundation and we are looking forward to the event. We'll get you pictures and updates of the festivities later that week.


Thanks for your patience with us as we adjust to the changes in our lives. We should be better at these updates over the upcoming months.

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