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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

Tick... Tick... Ticking Away

Is it just us, or has everyone experienced the rapid passage of time since August 10th of this year? We have been down in the city for a week now, working on some local projects and meeting with Akha leaders (I mean really, really big-time Akha leaders) here in town.

Oh yeah, and our truck broke down.
You can get the video on John's blog. It's the one labeled "More Videos Week 2"
I guess that's what you get when you use a vehicle as heavily as we do.
The silver lining is that we actually needed to be "stuck in town" for a little bit. We have a lot of work to do as we prepare for some really big changes in our ministry and lives next year.
Beginning next year, we are looking to expand the scope and impact of our ministry in the Mae Salong area and, most exciting, we will be partnering with a dynamic young Akha family.

Consider that a teaser with more to come. But the minutes are ticking away, so now I've got to get back to work...

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