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Pray for Gary

Please join us in prayer for Gary - a fellow Foursquare Missionary here in Thailand. We just received notice from his wife, Paula, that he has been hospitalized. Here is what she wrote:

Please pray for Gary. About 8 hours ago, I took him to the hospital after he developed cold chills, extreme nausea, internal pain, weakness, and fever. His doctor looked at him, then sent him to the Emergency Room, where they did some tests, then checked him into the hospital. I just spoke to 2 of his doctors; one is an Infectious Disease specialist. They are not sure what is wrong with him, but think he may have an "e coli" infection or perhaps another type of blood infection. They have to wait a couple of days for the lab tests to confirm it. His doctor told me it could be a serious situation. Right now, Gary is in the hospital on mega doses of 2 different IV antibiotics. He was a bit delirious earlier, but when I talked to him about 30 minutes ago, he was trying to joke with me, though he was weak and in pain.

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