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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

Please Pray this Week

We have a very busy week ahead of us and would love your prayer support.

Our week is so full because it is the last week of school break in Thailand, and everyone has decided that it is the perfect time for the annual events.

First, we are heading to Chiang Mai (today) to attend the Foursquare National Convention for Thailand. We will leave the convention early to come back to Mae Chan on Wednesday to attend the staff retreat for Akha Outreach Foundation. Then, we will skip a day of those meetings to head back to Mae Salong for our village's New Rice Festival on Friday. After a brief stopover in Chiang Rai, we will head back to Chiang Mai on Saturday for the Foursquare Missionary Retreat.

We ask for your prayers for Energy, Safety as we Travel, enjoyment of these events, and especially that Abigail will be able to handle all of this busyness.

Thanks for praying!


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