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Nana and Papa

We're so happy that Nana and Papa (Lori's parents) were able to come visit us in Thailand just 13 days after Abi's birth! I say they came to visit "us," but let's be honest here, the main focus of this trip was, of course, little Abigial!

Just days after their arrival, they accompanied us up to Mae Salong for Abi's dedication and Akha naming. What a joy it was to have them there for such a special event! Next, we made the first of three trips to Chaing Mai to apply for Abi's passport. We decided to make a vacation of it and had a great time just hanging around the hotel and eating out at the wonderful international restaurants in Chiang Mai, like The Duke's and Arcoba'leno. Later on, Nana and Papa were a huge help for the Clinic Day in Wiang Pa Pao. They helped us to prepare all the medicines ahead of time and made outstanding "assistants" and "cameramen" on the clinic day!

When we weren't traveling about, we had some great family time at our home in Chiang Rai! Nana pampered us all with some American home cookin' and Papa helped us with a few projects around the house. And of course, we all took turns holding, burping, watching and generally fussing over Abigail whenever we got the chance!

Thanks for coming Nana & Papa! We miss you already!

Naptime with PapaBy the pool with NanaPapa feeding AbiDancing with NanaBig Smiles!Trying out the slingPapa helping out around the houseNana sewing a new sling

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