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A Village Baby

Abi's first week in the village was a tremendous success. She is a great village baby and our friends in Mae Salong were thrilled to finally have some extended time with her.

Music is an important part of Abigail's life.
Nana wrote her a lullaby.
Daddy makes up songs for and about her all the time.
The Danny Kaye classic "Little White Duck" is her official bath time theme song.
Then there is the beautiful Danny Oertli song that Lori wrote about.

Well the theme continues in our home in Mae Salong, here we have our Akha Mom (one of Abi's Akha Grandmas) singing to Abi in the traditional Akha mode:

We also captured (in still life) some of Abi's other experiences in the village. Following are some shots of her in her beautiful Akha hat, the crowds that gather around her, her Akha family holding her, and bundling up for the "cold weather" in Mae Salong.

Take a close look at that last picture. We are weighing her on the chicken scale at her Akha grandma's home. This is the first time we weighed Abi since she was born. We knew she was healthy, so we didn't bother with weighing her every week and following the percentage charts. After two months she weighs 5.4 kilograms (11 pounds 14.5 ounces).

Happily Eating in her Akha hat.Lori and Abi - So BeautifulAkha Hat.Abi is very popular with her Akha brothers and sisters.Watching the baby.Akha children.Akha girl.Bundling up after her bath.Akha Man.Baby Bundled up in a sleeping bag.Bundled Baby tied on Daddy.Beautiful Bundled BabyAkha Baby.Akha children making mud balls.Weighing our Baby.

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