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1500 Kilometers Later

For all of you Yanks (which is about 95% of our readers), that's over 900 miles that we put on our truck in this last week. We want to thank you all for your prayers, as we were able to have the energy needed to not only make all the trips, but to interact and connect while in Chiang Mai, Mae Chan and Mae Salong.

Unfortunately, because we were so overbooked last week, we were not able to enjoy any one event in its entirety, and we did not attend the missionary retreat in Chiang Mai at all.

In the abbreviated times we had, however, we were able to connect with a number of people whose relationships we value. We saw most of the Thailand Foursquare missionaries at the Foursquare National Convention in Chiang Mai. We were also able to connect with an Akha / Foursquare pastor while at the convention who we hope to work with more in the future.

The staff retreat for AOF in Mae Chan was a great time, and we were reminded again how we are surrounded by a superstar group of young Akha leaders. It is truly a privilege to work at Akha Outreach Foundation.

Finally, the New Rice Festival in Mae Salong was wonderful, as always. Pastor Ajoe and his wife Miba and sons Mose and Chalom were up from Bangkok and we had a good time with them. Remember those names, as we have some exciting visions for the future with he and his family - we'll be sharing those with you at Christmas!

We have a few days in the city before we are on the road again, this time working on some videos for AOF, helping out with a sponsor team that is visiting from Colorado, another trip to Chiang Mai to get Misa back into the handicapped school and welcoming Johnny Burroughs (who now goes by "John", but old habits... ) who will be spending the rest of November with us.

We'll try to keep in touch as best as we can during that time, keep your eye on our site!

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