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Urgent Prayer : Manoon

We just received an email from the staff at House of Joy requesting urgent prayer for Manoon, one of the teenagers at house of joy, who was hit by a truck this morning on his way to school. Here are the details we know:

This morning he was riding his bike to school and a soldier driving a truck accidentally struck him, knocking him unconscious. We praise God the ambulance was able to somewhat stabilize him before rushing him to the emergency room, but he's been there for three hours already and is still not breathing on his own. His eyes are closed but his limbs keep jerking and fighting, and they just did a CAT scan and are concerned there may be blood on the brain. We are not sure yet if he will need emergency surgery. Please, please join together, maybe even call others whom you know have a heart for House of Joy, and pray for this precious 13 year old. Pray that God does a miracle and that his life will be a constant witness to all who see him. Pray for his younger brother who also lives here, and his family in the village that the Holy Spirit would comfort them and give them peace. We know God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we can ask, think or imagine. He is able to heal Manoon.

Please join us in prayer.


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