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Pray for the Hostages in Afghanistan

I was surprised to learn the other day that this is not big news in America, in fact the people I was speaking to had not even heard that 23 Christian Korean volunteer workers, 16 of them women, have been kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan, and 2 of them have already been killed (as of August 1st). Apparently, even Christian news sources are disturbingly quiet on this story, although I have seen many updates and requests for prayer from the missionaries around the world.

The best sources I have found that are continuously covering this story are Eugene Cho and Michelle Malkin. I encourage all of you to visit their sites to catch up and stay updated on these developments.

Please pray for the remaining hostages, for their families and the families of the martyrs as these horrible events continue, and join us in asking for the release of the remaining hostages.

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