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What the World Eats

I have come across this article a number of times as I have been browsing through various Missionary Blogs on my Google Reader, and wanted to pass it along to any of you who might be interested.

Time has put together a photo journal from a book by Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio entitled Hungry Planet. The book itself is a photographic journal and cookbook looking into the family table around the world. Time has taken a glimpse into this book with a photo slideshow entitled "What the World Eats", and I encourage you to take a look at it.

One word of caution: the most relevant information given is that of "Favorite Foods". Although the "Food expenditure per week" is interesting and can show what economic slice the pictures are taken from, without a basic cost-of-living from the region it's difficult to tell whether you are looking at poverty-level or luxery-level spending. For example, a single adult who makes $500/month in Thailand is very wealthy in Northern Thailand, where a meal at a Thai "restaurant" costs less than $1 and a nice home can be rented for $100 a month.

It was also interesting to me how much more money families with teenage boys have to spend on food. Yikes!

So go take a look and see where you think you might be able to live (those meat and cheese countries look really good to me)...

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