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The Final Countdown

As I've done a few times before, I wanted to share just a few random thoughts as we move into the home stretch!

Baby Belly @ 38 Weeks

Basketball Belly: This seems to be the consensus regarding my belly of late. Everyone exclaims how round my stomach is and how it looks like I've simply shoved a basketball up my shirt! Sometimes, that's how it feels too... well, not up my shirt, but it does sometimes feel as if I've got a basketball stuck in my belly. It's so big and tight, stretched to the max!

Feeling Pretty Good: I've been feeling surprisingly good lately. I've had quite a bit of energy, allowing us to complete all those little "nesting" projects on my checklist! I even feel pretty agile (that is, considering the above mentioned basketball-in-the-belly syndrome) and able to go about life as usual. My only complaint is the nearly constant rib pain caused by those tiny feet jabbing upwards as space in my womb gets increasingly tighter! My ribs will certainly be happy to be rid of the little intruder when the time comes!

Changing Cravings: During the second trimester I was surprised (and somewhat proud) that a majority of my cravings were for "healthy" foods like milk, yogurt, fruit, eggs and tuna. Well, recently that has all changed; I've developed a serious sweet tooth. In just the past month, I've made three cakes, a batch of brownies and a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Even at breakfast, my sweet tooth takes over! Lately the only two things that sound good for breakfast are French toast (with plenty of butter and syrup) or a chocolate protein shake with frozen strawberries and extra Hershey's syrup! Since the doctor says my weight gain is right on track, I've decided not to feel too guilty about these cravings and am thoroughly enjoying myself!

Trying to be Patient: At my appointment the other day Dr. Pitsanu said, "Well you're full term now, so the baby could come any day!" Both Paul and I have really tried not to get our hopes up for an early delivery date. However, after hearing a comment like that, it's practically impossible to keep from waking up and excitedly thinking "Could today be the day?" For some women the physical discomfort is the main motivation in impatience for delivery, but for us it's simply that we're so ready to meet our little girl and welcome her into our life! Nevertheless, we're trying to proceed with life normally, knowing that she will come when the time is right!

Speaking of timing... Have you made a due date prediction yet? If not, you'd better do it quick... time is running out!


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