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Please Pray for Penny

We received an email this morning from Penny, the director of Baan Nam Jai, a foundation ministering to young children whose families have been devastated by HIV. Penny has had multiple battles with cancer, and recently learned that she now has Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma, an aggressive form of cancer. The Doctor has said that she has only months left and has suggested weekly chemotherapy, stem cell therapy, and possibly bone marrow transplant as well.

After taking some time seeking direction from the Lord in prayer, the family has returned to Chiang Rai. Penny's most recent update shares this:

Basically I (Penny) am currently consuming almost every natural remedy known to man, ...eating apricot kernels and cod liver oil, high doses of vitamin c and other supplements which I won't bore you with. My hope is that these things will shrink the tumour and that when I go back to have any CT scan in a month (early August) we will see evidence of that. Ultimately though it is God who heals and we are asking Him to heal me and hopeful that this is His plan. We have prayed together as a family since we have come back from Australia... and have a peace about this plan for now, once we get results from the next CT scan we will then decide what to do next. Paul (Wilcox)& I will travel together again to Australia for that on July 30th. We appreciate you praying with us.

Please lift Penny, the Wilcox family, and the children at Baan Nam Jai before the Lord in your prayers over this next month.


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