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And the answer is...

After four ultrasounds yielded no conclusions as to the sex of our baby, we had all but given up on the idea of finding out before the due date and have focused our baby clothing and accessory purchases on the neutral yellows and greens.

However, last Friday as we were in for the monthly checkup, Dr. Pitsanu pulled out the ultrasound once more, saying he wanted to measure the babies abdomen (something about determining the current weight). Since we were already paying for another ultrasound, we asked him to check one more time to see if the little one had abandoned previous shyness.

It turns out that she was not playing hide-and-seek anymore! As our doctor said: "It's a boy - maybe 1%, but 99% a girl!"

It's a Girl! We were so excited that we wanted to come home and let you all know right away, but Lori (being the wisest of the two of us) said she wanted to make sure the grandparents knew first. So, unless you picked up the clues from this post (the first letter of each paragraph spells out "IT IS A GIRL"), or have already heard it through the grapevine, you are now included in our big news - It's a Girl!

As excited as we are, learning that it is a girl is kind of stressful. As this little life becomes more and more real to us all those names we've been talking about are now getting attached to a real baby girl, all that kicking and jumping is our baby girl. I don't know, it's just kind of crazy. Miraculous, but crazy.

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