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Random Thoughts in the Third Trimester

As of this week, I'm thirty-two weeks along. For some reason, thirty-two weeks seems like a milestone to me, so I thought I'd commemorate it with a quick post and picture. Here are a few random observations about pregnancy and life...

Baby Belly - 32 weeks

Questions from Strangers: Whenever we're out and about in the city, women are always asking me if I'm pregnant, how far along I am, and if it's a boy or a girl. I'm sure some would find it annoying to be constantly asked these "personal" questions, but I think it's pretty fun. The only drawback is that my Thai is pretty limited, so while I can answer these three questions adequately, any attempt at further conversation inevitably ends in a "Kort hort kha, mai kao jai kha" ("I'm sorry, I don't understand.")

Hotter than You Know Where: Someone recently told me that for pregnant women temperatures feel about 10 degrees hotter than they would for anyone else. Lately, we've been consistently having highs in the 90's and the heat is killing me! Normally, the weather doesn't bother me too much; sure it's hot here, but I usually cope just fine. Lately, however, if I'm not in air-con during the heat of the day, I sweat like a pig, risk getting really nauseous and generally am completely "wiped out" for the rest of the day.

The Pregnancy Waddle: I know it's a natural consequence of all the physical changes that happen during pregnancy, but somehow that notorious pregnancy waddle is one of those things that I've been dreading. Unfortunately, the time has come and I must admit my gait has begun to resemble a duck. I try to hide it and walk properly when I'm out in public, however when relaxing at home "the waddle" definitely shows up pretty frequently!

Humbled by a Helping Hand: The other night, Paul and I were sitting in bed watching our new favorite TV show, Heroes, on DVD. As I tried to get up to take one of my frequent trips to the bathroom, he actually had to give me a little shove to help me get up! I've always thought of myself as a pretty fit person, but somehow those stomach muscles that I worked so hard to develop as a vain teenager are suddenly non-existent! Ah well, I guess these are the first of many sacrifices we'll make for this new little person in our lives.


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