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Ministry Update : June

A milestone! This is the 100th Journey Note that we have written. Of course when you combine all our blogs this is the 288th note that we have added to our site, but 100 is a much nicer number to talk about.

We just wanted to share an update on what is keeping us occupied at this point. As Lori progresses through her third trimester, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to spend time in the village. The mental drain of language, the emotional drain of medical care, and the physical drain of making a baby have all combined with the constant spiritual drain of ministry to really wipe Lori out right now : so we are only spending a few days at a time in the village.

Last weekend we went up for two nights with two gals from Colorado and had a wonderful time in our village near Doi Mae Salong. Marlene and Pam were real troopers, and our Akha mom fell in love with them. She even decided that she would be willing to go back to America with them for a month (she was only kidding, but if you knew her you would see from that statement how much fun she had with these two women).

This weekend we will be spending some time with a team from Faith Bible Chapel, going to church at a village here in Chiang Rai and then spending two or three days over the next week pouring a foundation - by hand - for a new church in Wiangpapao (about 1.5 hours southwest of Chiang Rai). Lori, of course, will not be pouring concrete but please pray for her energy levels and both of our translation abilities as we will be the only Akha/English speakers there for the group.

In between these ministry excursions we have been spending time in our home in Chiang Rai. While Lori has been recovering from / resting for the next outings, Paul has been spending time working on a number of side projects that have been piling up.

Those projects include the creation of a video for some Akha pastors who went on a missions trip in March, a transcription of an Akha evangelistic tract to a digital format, and the editing and production of an Akha literacy video which is intended to be distributed to the Akha in Thailand and surrounding countries.

Through all this we are keeping occupied and trying not to spend all our time and energy anticipating the arrival of Curious George.

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