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The End is Near

This is a post of an impending doom, an incredible relief, and an inevitable arrival.

rubberbandFirst, the impending doom. Suzi must know that her time with us is almost over. Even though we just had her repaired, she dies every time we tap the brakes and has begun leaking oil as a sign of protest against the prospect of being replaced. Finally, as we were driving out for Lori's birthday on May 5th, she died a few hundred feet from our home and would not restart. Fortunately, A-je was nearby and he rescued us, so the birthday was not ruined. Today we went to our mechanic who sent two of his guys over to look at it. After some tinkering, they pulled out a rubber band from the gas line (this is the result of another long story about an incompetent gas station attendant). That got the truck running again, but they took it into the shop to deal with some of it's other problems.

Now, for the incredible relief. A-je is nearly finished his dissertation. We have one more read-through tonight before he submits it. He will be going down to Bangkok for his oral defense sometime in the next week and hopes to walk in June. Remember him in your prayers as you think of him!

Now that these two events (can a vehicle be an event?) are nearly behind us we can look forward to the inevitable arrival of Curious George.

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