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Baby Dreams

Both Paul and I have started having the notoriously odd dreams that expectant parents often experience. It all started with a dream a few weeks back...

"I dreamed it was several days after I had given birth. We had just gotten home from the hospital with a new baby girl when I realized, with horror, that I had forgotten to feed her... not just that day, but ever since she was born! However, just as I was getting ready to feed her, my mother, aunt and cousin arrived announcing that the baby and I were expected at some sort of party or baby shower being held in our honor. When I protested saying that I needed to feed the baby, they all said I could simply feed the baby at the party. I conceded, but as we were getting ready to go I had another horrible realization; I had not purchased any diapers or any baby supplies at all, so I began frantically running around the house trying to find a towel or something that would work as a diaper in case I needed to change the baby at the party. Somehow, through the magic of dreams, this obstacle was overcome and we ended up at the party. However, even at the party, I was constantly having moments of panic where I realized that I didn't know where the baby was. I would forget that I even had a baby and walk away with out thinking, only to realize, 15 minutes later, that I had left the baby unattended in another room! "

While I don't normally give much thought to my dreams, I think this one was definitely a peek into my subconscious thoughts. I had this dream just after some friends of ours announced the birth of their daughter. Something about the birth of their baby made the approaching birth of our baby seem so much more real. Up until that point, I had mostly been thinking about "me" and the "pregnancy", thinking that there was plenty of time to prepare for the baby later. But this unnerving dream threw me headlong into baby-preparation-mode and made me want to avoid, at all costs, that horrible feeling of being unprepared to care for this precious new life!

My dreams, since that first one, have been far less detailed and, I think, much less significant. Although, they are still just as odd! For instance, the other night I dreamed that I was in labor at the hospital. When the nurse came in to check my dilation, I got a bloody nose! It wasn't painful, and I wasn't scared, but no one could seem to make the bleeding stop. Then, last night I dreamed I gave birth to triplets, three boys. It was completely painless and all three just slipped out effortlessly. My only thought was "It's not possible. The ultrasound would have shown triplets!" Even Paul is getting in on the fun. The other night he dreamed that we had a baby girl. However, we didn't pay close enough attention and in twenty minutes she had grown up and was herself pregnant!

Like I said, I don't normally give too much thought to my dreams. I'm sure someone could tell us all sorts of deep things about our mental processes from these examples, but I'm content to be entertained by the weird things that our brains come up with while we're sleeping!

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