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Praying for Missionaries

We appreciate our prayer partners so much! Unfortunately, we are sometimes less than diligent in keeping our prayer requests current on our blogs, always waiting until "something big" comes up before making an entry. I ran across this prayer guide on another missionary's blog and wanted to share it to help you pray for us even in those in-between-times when it feels like you don't have any specific requests to pray about.

1. It is not necessary that you ask God to give us good health. The important thing is that He gives us the measure of health that will best glorify Him.

2. We do not want you to pray that God will give us an easy path on the mission field and remove obstacles. Rather pray that He gives strength and grace to overcome the difficult God-given obstacles in ministry.

3. It is not so important that you pray that God should bless our activities. Ask that He censor our activities, for it is easy for time and energy to be spent on second-best things.

4. Do not pray for us as though we lived on a higher plane. We can become lonely, discouraged, irritable, and impatient. We can do a lot of missionary work simply in the energy of the flesh. Pray that the love of Christ may constrain us in all that we do.

5. Pray that, like the Apostle Paul, we may be willing to deny ourselves in order to make our lives an example to the national believers. Sometimes this means forfeiting rights, privileges, and material conveniences we have taken for granted all our lives, but which can be stumbling blocks to missionary service.

-written by an anonymous missionary

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