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A New Truck

We have had some very interesting vehicle experiences over the last few months. And, although our Suzuki is back in our possession, she is on her last legs - stalling every time we tap the brakes. With a pregnant wife and a future child to care for, it has become obvious that our little Suzuki is no longer a reliable family or ministry vehicle. So we have been looking around for a "new" truck to fill our needs. Unfortunately, vehicles in Thailand (especially in Northern Thailand) are even more expensive than those in the US. The trucks we have looked at run around 470,000 baht. This number was incredibly discouraging to us, as we are just not comfortable spending that much money on a vehicle.

Fortunately, we have found a truck that will suit our needs that is much more reasonably priced. Our friends the Bazemore's are moving back to the U.S. to have their baby and have agreed to sell us their 1990 Nissan 4x4 for $7,250 (after they gave us a generous deduction in the price as a donation to our ministry). Even more incredibly, we had already received $2,500 in donations to help with this purchase before we asked for any help. God really takes wonderful care of us.

We have a little bit in savings, but if you would like to partner with us by donating towards this purchase it would be very much appreciated. You can print out a copy of our Partner Coupons or send your donations to:

Foursquare Missions International Attention: Paulette McCammon PO Box 26902 Los Angeles, CA 90026-0176

Please make checks out to Foursquare Missions International. Please include a note in the memo line which states “Support for Paul & Lori Vernon”.

All donations are tax deductible

No fees or administrative charges are deducted from your donation. One hundred percent of your donations are available to us for our personal and ministry needs.

It would also be helpful if you could contact us to let us know about your donation. This will help us to designate the funds correctly. To contact us, please Click here and choose "Partnership Info" in the Subject box.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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