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Baby Belly?

"Are you showing yet?" asked my mother eagerly during a recent Skype call. Well, that is a tricky question of late. On one hand, I can certainly tell a difference in my belly. The email I received this week from says that right now the baby is about the size of an avocado. That seems about right to me; I can certainly imagine an avocado in my belly causing this little bulge.

However, on the other hand, no one else seems to see any change whatsoever in my physique. All of my clothes still fit and I think they even tend to hide that little avocado that I'm carrying around. The other day I found myself sitting with two other pregnant women who were 5 and 6 months along.

No   Belly Yet?

They were very vocal about how I was not "showing" yet (especially in comparison to their own recent progression) and concluded that it was because this is my first, and they each have one child already.

It seems to me that "showing" is a very subjective term (especially at week 16), so I thought I'd present you with the evidence and let you decide for yourselves! Here are two pictures taken on the same day in different clothes to show you how I'm both "showing" and "not showing" at the same time.

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