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Praise Update :: Grandpa and Visas

We are happy to share that my Grandpa is doing much better, and though his body is still retaining water, everything else seems to be coming under control and we are hoping he will be released from the hospital in the next week. Thank you for all of your prayers. In other family news, we were able to speak to my brother, sister, dad and grandma (from Germany, Texas, Colorado and visiting from New Orleans) over Skype last night and are all looking forward to seeing each other at Christmas!

As for our visas, we were able to procure a 30-day visa extension as we are waiting for approval from Bangkok for another 1-year visa. It took 3 round-trips from Chiang Rai to Maesai, and a lot of apologies and wais, but as of early this afternoon everything is finally in order. Please keep our visa situation in your prayers as we hope to receive the approval from Bangkok in the next week.

All that driving between here and Maesai really wore Lori out, so we will probably spend the rest of the day at home in Chiang Rai and then this weekend we will join the celebration of the 2007 Akha Bible Institute (ABI) graduation. This is always a fun time, as hundreds of Akha come down from the villages to join in the celebration each year. This year we will be honored with the presence of Dr. Paul Lewis, the linguist who first created the Akha script, wrote the Akha-English-Thai dictionary, and translated the Bible into Akha. We hope to post more on all of these festivities next week.

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