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Investing for the Future

We have always thought that raising a family in Thailand among the Akha would be an incredible gift. Other than the broad cultural exposure our children will experience, they will likely be familiar to fluent with English, Akha, Chinese (Mandarin) and Thai. This has always seemed like an amazing benefit, as it will equip our children to do so many things with their lives, but a recent study out of New York University introduces another long-term benefit:

Bilingualism may delay onset of dementia

Bilingualism may help to stave off cognitive decline because of the mental agility necessary to juggle them in day-to-day life, researchers said.

"Our study found that speaking two languages throughout one's life appears to be associated with a delay in the onset of symptoms of dementia by four years compared to those who speak one language,"

How cool is that? One of our child's first gifts might help them most 75 years after they are born.

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