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In Like a Lion...

This first trimester has been really rough on Lori. From bed rest to being limited in travel to all-day & all-night sickness she's been a real trooper in keeping positive. It's meant a new focus for us as we've been forced to face our priorities. It's easy to say that family is more important than ministry, it's more of a stretch in practice.

So, we've been out of the village for a while. Lori will go see her OB/GYN later this week and we'll find out more about what she can and can't do. We're hoping that the next trimester will be much more pleasant.

On the bright side, I'm already learning about 2a.m. feedings and dealing with unpleasant fluids so I feel quite prepared to have a baby. This has also been a time where we can focus on city life. From helping where we possible at House of Joy to working with A-Je on his Dissertation as he finishes his Doctorate to household duties we're keeping busy.

Babies change everything, and this little one is looking for all kinds of attention already - and we're very happy to give it.

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