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Google and Microsoft : Joining forces to make life difficult

The two biggest forces in the computer world have made a New Year's resolution to make my life difficult - as if I don't have enough to worry about.

Due to Lori's rough first trimester and subsequent various stages of bedrest, I have been on cooking / cleaning / housekeeping / holding hair back and comforting duty. Please don't misunderstand, I'm having a much more pleasant time than she is right now. Between these events we've also been busy with the holidays, staff retreats and helping at House of Joy where we are needed. I would love to say that all of these things have combined to keep us from posting updates on our Journey Notes, but it's not true.

It's not busyness that has been keeping us from writing, it's frustration.

I'll try to save you the technical jargon, but our blogs are published by Google's This has served us well for two years now, but things change quickly on the web and is changing with them, unfortunately we seem to have gotten lost in the switch.

All the blogs in the world have switched except our Prayer Notes and Journey Notes blogs. We just get an obscure error and page not found errors. There's a fix: slowly copy all of our blogs into a new blog and republish. What you are viewing right now is the attempt to do just that.

To add insult to injury, Microsoft has recently released a new version of Internet Explorer (v. 7.0) which breaks every page on The Vernon Journal. Those of you using IE7 can see our footer content falling thousands of lines down the page, making the scrollbar virtually useless. Yet another reason to stop using Internet Explorer I guess.

Well, since Google doesn't care if our little blog is lost, and since 60% of our site visitors are still using Internet Explorer it just means more work for us.

Happy 2007 everyone! We hope to be posting again soon.

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