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Awww, Look at the Baby!

In our last adventure we talked about 2am feedings, dealing with unpleasant fluids, and figuring out how to keep her happy. Not much has changed, Lori's still plugging away preparing me for fatherhood. Distracted by all of these things, I hadn't yet gotten around to posting the results from our ultrasound here on Baby Notes. So for all you clamoring fans (or to you few relatives who are interested) here are the results from our first (official) ultrasound:

Baby's First Picture
Baby's first Picture
Our little baby Tumnus

In this corner, weighing in at under an ounce with a height of 2.9 cm and a confirmed head, heartbeat and butt - it's Tumnus!

It was really cool to see the baby, but an ultrasound is still just an ultrasound - unless you get one of those nifty 3d ultrasounds. The doctor pointed out the head, heartbeat and butt, measuring from the foremost to the latter, and we were just happy that everything is continuing to progress well. On the printout, however, I think the resemblance is more similar to Tumnus than to Lori or I. Not that I think it's a boy (necessarily), I just think it looks like a faun.

We go back on the 5th of February to listen to the fetal heartbeat and take another ultrasound (at $10 a shot here they do them pretty often)

We'll keep you posted!

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