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Entertaining Video

I needed an entertaining video to use for my test as we make the switch over from Google Video to YouTube for our Video Hosting needs. I understand some of you have been having troubles with our old videos. I am assured by Google that Google Video will still be supported, so be patient when viewing our old posts, but here's the way new videos will be posted.

OK GO - Here it Goes Again (Treadmill Video)

We really enjoyed this wonderfully choreographed video from Swedish band OK GO's hit project Oh, No where four guys, eight treadmills and one remote control add up to a lot of fun. Some time ago, Lori was reading through some of our favorite missionary blogs and came across this light hearted post from RelevantGirl (Mary DeMuth).

Upbeat sounds, radio mix distortions and beautifully unmatched clothes are reminiscent of bands gone by (where have you gone Room Full of Walters?) and this video should get your feet tapping and your eyes smiling. Apparently, this song was also featured on the Scrubs season six premiere, so you will probably hear more of it soon. (AND, while I'm thinking about it, thanks again Andy Engdahl for Scrubs season three!) Hope you all enjoy...

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