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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

Pastor Jack Hayford in Bangkok

Pastor Jack Hayford, President of the ICFG and more commonly known as "Pastor Jack" will be coming to Bangkok this Tuesday to share at the Eastern Council of Foursquare Churches (ECFC) conference. This conference will host pastors, leaders and missionaries from all over East Asia. We are very excited to have a chance to meet and hear from these church leaders and learn more about the ministries throughout Asia, and this will be Lori's first time hearing Pastor Jack share (he has shared at Faith a number of times in the past). After the conference, the missionaries who attend will treated by FMI to a time of fellowship and teaching for two additional nights.

We will be traveling to the ECFC conference on Tuesday November 14th and will remain in Bangkok to meet and fellowship with Foursquare missionaries from all of East Asia until Sunday November 19th.

We have been busy these last few months. Lori's parents were here last month and we were traveling to Rice Festivals and around the North with them. This past week a team of sponsors has been in from Colorado and we have spent some time with them, including a long day yesterday helping and learning from Dr. Wesley as he diagnosed, treated and cared for 200 Akha villagers. We will try to get some pictures of that trip up in the next week or so for you to see.

While in Bangkok we should have internet access and are hoping to share with you some of our experiences, lessons and maybe even some media from the conference - so stay tuned!

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