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Northern Thailand Foursquare Pastors

We are in the city for a little while as we try to work out some of the details for our home. Since we have the time (and the computer access) we wanted to give a few updates on our recent activities. In Asian cultures you have to spend a lot of time just visiting, and that was on the agenda for us last week as we had a chance to get out of the village and visit two of the Foursquare pastors in Northern Thailand.

We first went down to Fang to visit our old friend Pastor Timothy and his wife (Expanding our Map, June 2005). Pastor Timothy is from Singapore, but they have been living in Thailand so long now that they are basically Thai. Pastor Timothy is the point-man for Foursquare Northern Thailand and has the heart of an evangelist and the vision of a leader and it is always great to spend time with him.

As soon as we got to Fang we got to work clearing land near a Lahu Village. The Lahu are another hilltribe in Northern Thailand whose language has some similarities to Akha. This village had asked Pastor Timothy to come up and share for a week and then will decide if it will become a Christian village (such a different world from America!). We didn't last long, it was really hot and by noon we were all ready to call it a day. We set fire to the fields (another thing that is difficult for us Americans) and went off to lunch.

Foursquare Church under construction. Fang, Thailand

The next few hours were spent just talking vision and the direction of churches and orphanage (there is a small orphanage of Lahu children run by the Foursquare church in Fang). They are building a new church next to the orphanage and need finances and prayer to see that project completed.

Next we went back towards Mae Salong to visit an Akha Foursquare pastor who just had a baby boy. It was the first time we had been to the home of Pastor Noah and we met his wife (who was shocked that we spoke some Akha) and his 10-day old baby boy Solomon. No one had visited them yet, so it was wonderful to just sit down, eat some fruit and visit with this Akha family.

Please remember each of these Pastors and the Foursquare and AOF churches in the North as they continue to minister to all the different people groups living in Northern Thailand.

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