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Moon over Mae Salong

I know it's been a while since we posted some pictures, we've been having problems with our Olympus camera and one out of every three or four pictures we take is ruined. This, of course, has really frustrated us and so we have been relying heavily on our phones for day to day pictures.

The other day, however, Lori decided to just force the issue and use our camera whether it ruins pictures or not because she wanted to capture some of the Northern Thailand rice fields before they are harvested later this year. She will post some of the pictures she has taken when she gets a chance, but for now I want to share a few of the pictures I've taken recently, and I am even posting a video!

We've had a lot of cloudy, misty days up in Mae Salong and the full moon this last week just made for some spectacular views of the Akha Swing in our village. Unfortunately, we missed the swing festival this year (we were at a wonderful conference in Chiang Mai), but these pictures are still pretty cool ::

Moon over Mae SalongAkha Swing with Moon in BackgroundAkha swing against the moonlight

Here are a few pictures from last July when my parents were here and when the Foursquare Team from California came to our village to do an outreach project. You can see the Akha women scraping bark for the savory Akha Minced Pork, the Akha women playing "Dress Up the Pala" with my mother (note the fake hair sewn into the Akha Headdresses), and an elder from our village giving out snacks that the team brought for the kids ::

Akha women shaving bark for Minced PorkAkha women dressing up a pala guestAkha Man giving treats to Akha village kids

We are also leaping (ok, stumbling) into the 21st century with a video post. It's not much, just an incredible rainstorm... everyone in the village holes up at home when storms like this come. You can see our waterfall, our moat and a real cutie waving hello.

This is a DivX encoded file, if you have problems viewing it I recommend downloading the BSPlayer (it's the best media player for all your video needs).

Right click on the picture and choose "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer Users) or "Save Link As" (Firefox Users) to view the movie ::

*** Update. Just click on the image link and then click play ***

Akha Village Rainstorm : Video

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