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Breakfast Burritos and Ice Cream

Lori is at a women's retreat in Chiang Mai for the weekend. While I am enjoying this time to myself, my major concern with her absence revolves around food. I've been married six years to a great cook who is much more health conscious than I am. This has resulted in a helpless husband when it comes to feeding myself.

So, what do I do? I begin dreaming of all the food I can't get in Thailand, and stumble across some interesting news...

McDonald's might start offering breakfast all day. Oh... I love the McDonald's breakfast burrito. If they had made this switch when I was living in America I might have skipped my Chipotle burrito every once in a while to replace it with four or five of the tasty little McDonalds burritos. On that note, I also found a recipe for the McDonald's breakfast burrito online, to bad we can't get good tortillas here.

Ben & Jerry's is adding a new ice cream flavor. From Ritz crackers to rum there are five finalists for the Do us a Flavor contest being run by the Ice Cream tycoons. None of the new flavors really appeal to me, but I'm a creature of habit. I would stick with my Ben & Jerry's hippie favorites: Phish Food and Cherry Garcia.

All this talk of food is making me hungry. I'm off to eat some of Lori's famous Texas Rice and Bean Skillet. She was worried about me last night so she cooked it for me to eat this weekend (seriously, is she the greatest wife in the world or what? I don't deserve her).


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