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Some Humble Corrections

It's been a while since my voice broke through the noise that is the World Wide Web (2.0) and out of the silence comes a whimper of little-valued observations.

No not on life, or grief. Those were dealt with in our newsletter. Not about spiritual observations or even technology and computing (although maybe I should - the most popular page on our site is a computing article I wrote). No, this is a look back at a look forward.

I'm writing about Baseball. During spring training I wrote a short article prognosticating (yes, I believe that is a word) the 2006 MLB season. Well I made a mistake or two. So, in light of the American League clinching the home field advantage (once again) by winning the 2006 All-Star game in the 9th inning, here are some humble corrections to my original thoughts:

(Original) Best Gimmick: This one is easy. The Gateway Grizzleys (minor league) of Illinois have released what they claim is the Baseball's Best Burger. It is a combination of two things we just can't get in Thailand - a good old American Hamburger and Krispy Kreme doughnuts (Burger King has nothing to do with this promotion, I just thought the image would look good - plus McDonalds has had some rough publicity lately). Although I can't say I particularly find this combination very appealing, it is uniquely American.

(Revised) Best Gimmick: Come on, can you really beat the Gateway Grizzlies' (yes, I had misspelled it before) Doughnut-Burger?!? I don't think so. However, I am willing to give a well-you-tried-award to the Golden Baseball League who have embraced the juiced up king of the B-rated superstars Jose Canseco, asking him to pitch in their All-Star game. I'm sure there wasn't a young deserving player who could have been there.

(Original) Biggest Newcomers: I have to name two here. The most exciting up-and-coming teams in baseball are the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Milwaukee Brewers. I don't think either make the playoffs this year, but they will be fun to watch.

(Revised) Biggest Newcomer: Boy did I hit this one on the head. Neither of those teams will make the playoffs. Although Milwaukee has been a mildly entertaining product this year the Pittsburgh Pirates are challenging the perennial celler-dweller Kansas City Royals as the worst spectator product in Major League Baseball. But it is the Detroit Tigers who have taken the baseball world by storm. Coasting through the AL this could be a 100-game team. Who'd have thought? I can hear children in the streets of Michigan singing: "We're all behind our baseball team, Go get'm Tigers!" Prediction: this team loses (despite home field advantage) to the AL wild-card team. Prove me wrong Detroit, I still don't believe.

(Original) Best of the AL: Again two must be named, the teams to beat will be the Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels.

Get Well Soon, Godzilla!

(Revised) Best of the AL: I hate to say it, but the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees will play for the pennant again. Sorry Detroit, no love here. I am holding out hope that Abreu can pull the Yankees through until they get their 5 injured starters healthy, because if he cannot the pennant is Boston's to lose.

(Original) Best of the NL: Hands-down the St. Louis Cardinals. No one else is in their league.

(Revised) Best of the NL: Hands-down the New York Mets. St. Louis will have to prove it in the postseason.

If you made it down to here, you really love me (or you are also a Yankees fan). Here's hoping for another subway series and the first Asian World Series MVP, get well soon Godzilla!


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